What is PEI Sea Salt?

Prince Edward Island Sea Salt is a natural sea salt which is handmade in small batches from pure, clean Atlantic ocean water and absolutely nothing else.

What does hand harvested mean?

Hand Harvested means that we hand pick every grain of our sea salt using no machinery, only our own two hands.

How should I use PEI Sea Salt?

PEI Sea Salt is a finishing salt. This means it is best enjoyed when sprinkled on to dishes as the very last step in cooking or directly on your plate. Use sparingly as you will taste every grain of this pure and natural sea salt.

What does naturally moist mean?

Naturally moist means that our sea salt retains a small amount of its natural humidity. Unlike other producers we neither kiln dry nor add any chemical desiccants to our sea salts. Our salt retains its natural briny sea taste and as a result doesn’t dry the pallet on contact and should instead cause one to salivate.

How should I store PEI Sea Salt?

PEI Sea Salt should be stored sealed in a cool, dry place. In extreme humidity, it is best stored in the refrigerator.

Does PEI Sea Salt have and expiry date?

Sealed bottles of PEI Sea Salt should keep indefinitely. Once the seal is broken it should be used within one year to ensure quality and flavour is retained.

How is PEI Sea Salt produced?

To produce pure PEI Sea Salt we collect crystal clear North shore PEI seawater on an incoming tide. We filter three times then evaporate the water over the course of seven days. When salinity in the brine rises and salt begins to crystallize, we slowly and carefully harvest pure salt crystals and remove them for drying.

What is a sea salt infusion?

To produce our Sea Salt Infusions we combine our undried, briny salt flakes with exclusively fresh island ingredients and very slowly dry them in a low temperature oven. Using only fresh ingredients and a low and slow process allows every grain of salt to be saturated with flavour to the very centre. We use absolutely no chemicals or synthetic flavouring in our infusions. All have only two ingredients beginning with pure PEI Sea Salt.

What are some differences between PEI Sea Salts and other sea salts on the market?

Prince Edward Island Sea Salt is as pure as salt gets. 

While there are some excellent quality sea salts on the market, many salts on store shelves are produced in polluted estuaries, harvested with heavy machinery and stabilized with chemical additives. 

PEI Sea Salt Company does none of the above.

We produce with only clean, triple filtered, North shore Prince Edward Island seawater. Every grain is harvested by hand and we add absolutely nothing to our pure sea salt.