“We are honoured to be served at your table.”

Founder / Sea.E.O. / The Salt Guy

Darren C. Blanchard


With 30 plus years of entrepreneurial experience across industries such as Corporate Staffing/Recruitment, Clean Tech, and Green Energy, Darren brings a wealth of business knowledge to the table. He proved this as the award-winning C.E.O of Canadian startup NIMTech Inc. Frustrated with the way the corporate world works, Darren’s growing interest in health and wellness combined with losing well over 80 lbs helped drive his passion into the world of handcrafted sea salt production. He says he is not selling the sea salts, but rather educating people on healthy eating and good mental health practices. His passion for people and community is what feeds his never-ending push to change the path for individuals battling mental health issues on Prince Edward Island. That along with his past battle with mental health as well as losing a friend and associate to suicide keeps him focused and driven to be the change. He is driven to be a “new age millionaire” …and bring positive change to 1 million lives….1 box of amazing handcrafted sea salt at a time.

The PEI Sea Salt Company.

Hand-harvested on Prince Edward Island. Sprinkled across Canada.


Our pure and natural sea salt is hand harvested from the cool, clear waters off of Prince Edward Island’s North Shore. totally unrefined and unprocessed with absolutely zero additives.


All of our infusions start with our own pure sea salt and include only the best island-made ingredients from passionate local producers.


We take pride in producing a great finishing experience to your meal, and we hope you will take pride in knowing that your support gives us the ability to work with a team of great people who are at various stages of recovery on their path.

We are very proud of the great products we make, the goals we set, and the message we send… they are all simple, but the results and experiences are extreme. With every purchase from our website, you provide opportunities and programming that reinvest in our people in our community.

Pure Prince Edward Island Finishing Salt
Eureka Black Garlic Infused Sea Salt
Rossignol Red Wine Infused Sea Salt
Receiver Coffee Infused Sea Salt

Giving Back from the heart of Canada’s food Island

100% of our packaging is done individuals battling mental health and addiction issues. We provide a safe and accommodating work environment where everyone is respected. Our boxes are put together by our partners at Stars for Life. An organization that is committed to creating a quality of life for young people with autism spectrum disorder.

We Thank You For Your Support!