“We are honoured to be served at your table.”

Hand harvested on PEI.

Our pure and natural sea salt is hand harvested from the cool, clear waters off of Prince Edward Island’s North Shore. totally unrefined and unprocessed with absolutely zero additives.


All of our infusions start with our own pure sea salt and include only the best island-made ingredients from passionate local producers.

Pure Prince Edward Island Finishing Salt
Eureka Black Garlic Infused Sea Salt
Rossignol Red Wine Infused Sea Salt
Receiver Coffee Infused Sea Salt

From Canada’s food island.

We are Prince Edward Island’s first modern hand harvesters of sea salt. Our pure sea salt is hand harvested on the North shore and is totally unrefined with absolutely no additives.

We are fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented local producers to infuse their gourmet food products into our pure sea salts.

Currently, our infusion line includes products from Rossignol Winery, Receiver Coffee Co. and Eureka Garlic. With many more soon to come.

You can purchase our salts online and in select locally owned retail locations on PEI.

Taste the difference