The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company

Hand-Harvested on P.E.I - Sprinkled Across Canada

Everything happens for a reason, they say. The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company is an all-natural artisanal Salt producer that marries passion and perseverance with tradition and progression. We are stewards of our lands and waters, and treat them with the utmost care and respect.

After initially launching Black Whale Sea Salt as a passion project in 2015, Darren Blanchard was introduced to Nathan Gamauf by a mutual friend and by August 2017 – The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company began production of the proprietary Finishing Salts that have become a staple on shelves across the province.

If craftsmanship means “working with your hands”, the farmers and fishermen of Prince Edward Island are masters of their craft. We remain committed to environmental sustainability – farming our beautiful waters to produce unique Finishing Salts that celebrate our values: Integrity, Community and Perseverance.

The Team

Nathan Gamauf grew up in the town of Rustico on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. Locally known as “The Crick”, Rustico is a famed hub of the provincial agricultural, fishery and tourism economy. Nathan has been fishing since the age of four, and has always felt a strong connection to these lands and waters. Having been active in Aquaculture from a young age, Nathan’s strong affinity towards the briny waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence inspired a special interest. Marrying the traditional principles of land and water stewardship, Nathan started farming Salt in 2013.
Darren Blanchard has a keen mind for project management. With a strong professional background in Corporate Recruiting, Clean Tech and Green Energy Projects, Darren is passionate about sustainability in job creation and commodity production. Originally from Ontario, Darren relocated to Prince Edward Island and quickly became inspired by the way of life in Canada’s smallest province. A growing interest in personal health and wellness spearheaded Darren’s interest in organic and whole food production.